Jade Mikell

Jade Mikell is an emerging 20-something Autistic, chronically ill, queer, interdisciplinary artist + activist living in Victoria, British Columbia, by way of a wee Island in the archipelago of BC’s Northern Gulf Islands. She is currently working on her BFA at the University of Victoria.

Since the beginning of her life, Jade has relied on art as a language to process the sensory world. Later, Jade turned to expressing intersectional messages of advocacy, inclusion and disability identity in her work, focusing on symbiotic relationships, holding space + exploring the roles of form, sound, comfort, uniformity + intersections of accessibility. Her experience working as a model has informed her practice, and the role she inhabits within her work.

Her work has been featured in solo galleries and at a variety of brick + mortar stockists, as well as in the homes of collectors internationally.

She is moved to create by the environments + communities that surround her, the shapes of her West Coast home, and the works of her Great-Grandfather, artist and curator Kenneth Callahan.

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