Kassandra Klassen

I grew up and studied in Vancouver. My partner and I moved to Victoria a few years ago, and since then I have found my way into the Victoria arts community. I am a board member with the fifty fifty arts collective, and have my studio at the Ministry of Casual Living, where I recently finished a two week residency.

I use my work as a way to explore colour and gesture, I see my process as an extension of consciousness meeting bodily presence. I want to convey a sense of now-ness through my colours and the gesture of my marks. A journey to an undefined moment.

When I work, I find a colour that fills my eyes. I pour and spread it onto the canvas, then work on building layers. I respond to what I’ve laid down, building up marks, shapes, and colours; letting my body power the expression. I pull back, to reflect. Pausing to consider where areas are harmonizing, where they are activating, and where they are not, revisiting my ideas and evaluating them. I continue to build until I realize I have found the sense I had been looking for. In a way I believe I am working to convey sensations that are true in experience yet lack something in a more common way of communicating.