Kathryn Greenwood

I am a multidisciplinary artist and arts educator based in Lekwungen Territory (Victoria BC). I am primarily a painter, but my art practice also includes ceramic, digital, collage, and floral art. In April 2021 I completed my B.F.A. at OCAD University, which culminated with a thesis project investigating the human experience of nature through a cognitive lens. I am constantly inspired by nature, especially the natural environment of West Coast British Columbia, and imagery of nature permeates my art practice. My work is often abstract, naïve, and colourful, but I strive to balance the aesthetic with an underlying sense of environmental advocacy and appreciation for nature. For example, my thesis paintings attempt to elevate viewers’ awareness of nature by illuminating cognitive attentional biases we are predisposed to hold. The project integrates my previous studies in neuroscience to generate a multidimensional discourse on our relationships within nature. Beyond my thesis work, my art is inspired by digital culture, the millennial aesthetic, consumerism, contemporary design, and the domestic. My paintings rely heavily on colour, shape, composition and form, and I enjoy working intuitively. When I am not creating art, I work as an art teacher, garden, and try spend mindful time outdoors.