Keep it Alive

Wednesday to Saturday: 1 - 5pm

Sunday: 1 - 4pm

Extended Sweetpea hours Thursday 5 - 8pm

As the world begins to open up, Sweetpea Gallery wants to bring you back to your senses. This visceral and gestural exhibition will memorialize the impact our bodies have on the world around us.

While this year has us all thinking and feeling through connection, and physicality, these themes have always been present in our lives. Through active expression, tangible textiles, and evocative subject matter, Keep it Alive revels in survival and invites you to appreciate the present. 

Featured artists include:

Adam Palter, Al Hanyok, Alex Jensen, Alison Klymchuk, Cassia Powell, Chantel Clausen, Dalia Turk, Esther Imm, Georgia Tooke, Hayley Axelrad, Jade Mikell, Karen Kar Yen Law, Kassandra Klassen, Kathryn Greenwood, Maya Skarzenski, Natalie Wesselius, Rudra Manani