• Bounties

    December 22 - January 2, 2023

    An exploration of tenderness, kinship, and togetherness featuring a solo installation by Anatasia Stockman at The Vault Gallery.

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  • Playthings

    October 23 - 30

    A solo exhibition from Cassia Powell

    playthings acts as a virtual memory bank to reflect on the vulnerability and innocence of childlike imagination, while visiting the feeling of fear and discomfort of eventually being forgotten.

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  • Ghostly

    October 21 & 22, 2022

    This group exhibition in Toronto brings together our artist's reflections on how presence/absence, fear, and avoidance manifest in their work.

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  • Rock Bay Art Crawl

    June 20 - 27th, 2022

    Artist takeover of local businesses in collaboration with the Rock Bay Business Association

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  • Hi, I'm Not Here Right Now (and please don't leave me a message)

    April 21 - 24th, 2022

    A solo exhibition by Natalie Wesselius

    This show includes a new series of work reflective of her practice, processing anxiety and commodification in domestic and working-class environments. There are over 15 artworks that have not been exhibited, including experiments in scale and colour. 

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    February 18 - April 20th, 2022

    Habit Coffee Chinatown

    “The Practice” was inspired by Julia Cameron’s iconic book The Artist’s Way, all about inspiring creativity in our daily lives. We have curated a selection of our artist’s work for you to visit as a part of your routine to inspire experimentation - everything is a practice!

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    March 11 - 13th, 2022

    A solo exhibition by Jade Mikell

    1508 Haultain St.

    Easement brings together stages and probings of their practice in fields such as disability, comfort, identity, queerness, the body and the balancing the inheritance of art practices with determining your own creative voice.

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  • Gallopina's Golden Rodeo

    March 4 - 6, 2022

    A solo exhibtion by Georgia Tooke.

    1508 Haultain St.

    Georgia has created a whole new cast of characters to bring farm life fun into a gallery setting with Gallopina’s Golden Rodeo & Exhibition.

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    February 25 - 27th, 2022
    A Solo Exhibition by Kathryn Greenwood
    1508 Haultain St.

    but you can’t breathe their exhales through a screen is a response to the observed increase in digital alternatives to the physical experience of being in nature.

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    February 11 - 13th, 2022

    Because we love you so much, we are back with Sweetpea Loves You: Objects of AffectionThis year, we will be reflecting on the specifics of affection, attraction and exploring all the space in between. 

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    November 18 - December 19, 2021

    How can we connect the natural and virtual worlds? ⁠Join us as our artists explore this new frontier - the intersection of nature and tech - in virtual reality. This fertile ground gives us the space to reconsider how we commodify, control, and celebrate the natural world.

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    September 1 - 12, 2021

    As the world begins to open up, Sweetpea Gallery wants to bring you all back to all your senses. This visceral and gestural exhibition will memorialise the impact our bodies have on the world around us, as well as celebrate of all the ways we use, move, and experience our bodies.

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    July 23 to 25th, 2021

    ⁠This weekend-long celebration is inspired by Susan Sontag’s prophetic essay“Notes on Camp’. The exhibition draws on the key concepts of unabashed enjoyment, the anti-serious, and stylization. You can expect the unexpected (and over 20 fresh works of art), as well as performances, food & drink, and fun things to do.⁠

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  • EMERGE 🌸

    April 21 to May 7th, 2021

    Emerge comes at a time when we’ve only just shed our winter layers, cherry blossoms are blooming, and the sun is shining more. With this new season, our artists are trying new things—experimenting with scale, texture, and fresh colour palettes.


    April 1 to 18th, 2021

    Inspired by the past year spent at home, we're so excited to bring you our collection of home goods and cozy merch, along with a digital exhibition of works focused on loneliness ⁠and isolation.

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    February 12 to 14th, 2021

    All about love, connection, and self-appreciation, Sweetpea Loves You will showcase original art and limited-edition prints by our roster of 20 early career artists.

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