'Cotyledon'  Tote
'Cotyledon'  Tote
'Cotyledon'  Tote
'Cotyledon'  Tote

Jade Mikell

'Cotyledon' Tote

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"I chose to revisit forms I use in my sculptural work within the context of my painterly practice, traversing perceptions of painting vs. sculpture in the process. When is a work no longer identified as one, when does it become the other, and can we definitively know when that might be.."

- Jade

Announcing a special project we’ve had in the works for a while: ONE of ONE — a collaboration between 6 of our artists and @shopryane. RYANE’s founder, Cassandra, sourced a repurposed canvas material to create 6 totes bags which we sent to our artists to paint, print, & draw on. The result: 6 one-of-a-kind functional, wearable artworks, for you to carry with you wherever you feel inspired to go.

Tote bag measures 9 x 12"

Hand wash with cold water, air dry on a flat surface.