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Baby's Dream

Georgia Tooke

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Stills from Baby's Dream (2018)

'Baby’s Dream' follows the pink-haired, pig-faced character, Baby, as she grapples with her sexuality and the power it holds within the patriarchal society we live in. What makes this power dynamic so complex is that she is seen as either virtuous or the vixen, and these roles easily interchange. On one hand, she is submissive and demure, having to cater to the man’s wants and desires but on the other hand she has the power to seduce, the power to corrupt the man and lead him astray. The trap that now she falls prey to is that either one of those roles are a powerful choice for her to make. Whether she hides or flaunts her sexuality, at the core of it she is still doing it for men. It is only when she empowers her sexuality for herself will she then truly step into her own power.

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