Rudra Manani

Utilizing themes of identity, voyeurism, and appropriation, Rudra Manani is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on photography and painting. She is interested by the mundane in everyday life, and often works from memory to create her large scale paintings. Her work is primarily large scale, as her paintings flirt with abstract expressionist qualities combined with a fauvist influenced colour palette. Additionally, Manani is interested in the materiality of paint, and how this can function to create ambiguity within a space.  
At the moment, her artwork follows two trajectories; the first of which takes a critical standpoint on the self-care industry in the West, specifically in its appropriation and fetishization of Hindu practices. She is fascinated by the utilization of Hinduism as a performative wellness complex for a means to gain profit, and further perpetuate the disconnection of Hinduism from its roots. Through this exploration, Manani’s work follows a second trajectory where she intends to grapple with her identity as a first generation Indo-Canadian. Her photography employs voyeuristic qualities to represent her internal relationship to the idea of an outsider looking inwards.