Kate Brooks-Heinimann

I paint to get closer to nature. Observing and recording elements of a landscape and its inhabitants helps me notice and appreciate its subtleties. It is through painting that I am able to best share these wonderful discoveries with others. 

Inspiration for my work comes from land I have been privileged to spend time on as a settler. Sketches, photographs, journal entries, and memories all inform my paintings. I approach my work with an intuitive looseness at first, drawing from memories and sketches, becoming more detail oriented as the painting progresses. 

My current work is an exploration of British Columbia's awe-inspiring landscapes. I'm fascinated by the rugged coasts, old growth forests, and the curious plants and animals living within these territories. I hope that my work encourages viewers to look deeper at the land, developing a relationship with it that goes beyond the physical. 

As a settler, I must acknowledge that the lands on which I paint, and gather inspiration to paint, are unceded traditional territories belonging to different Indigenous nations. I am grateful for being able to experience these places, and I do so with gentleness and respect for the land and its inhabitants.

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