Karen Kar Yen Law

Karen Kar Yen Law (she/her) is a first generation Cantonese Chinese-Canadian who lives and practices in Tkaronto. Law is a recent graduate from Queen’s University with a BFA (Honours) and BEd. Her practice blends printmaking and painting techniques to produce an artistic approach that is intuitive and reactive. Unconcerned with intense image planning, Law’s process is guided by experimental mark-making and the perplexities of composition. Through the language of abstraction, multiples, gradients, layering, masking, and mark-making, Law explores her relationship to the Chinese diaspora and to Canadian culture. Her practice activates a lexicon that describes experiences of multiculturalism, assimilation, and polite racism in Canada. As she blends, layers, and covers up colour and form in her works, these same operations exist and occur daily in the experiences of people living in Canada.