Hayley Axelrad

The subject matter of my art typically surrounds my appreciation of flowers and women’s bodies. They fascinate me due to their historical importance as symbols of beauty and femininity. I am most inspired by the notion of the muse and the importance that this concept has held throughout time, especially in the context of the Impressionist period as this is the era whose style and cast of characters was what made me fall in love with painting in the first place.

With my next body of works I look forward to delving into these topics further, especially the way in which we can view the tired trope of the muse through the lens of the 21st century. Colour is tremendously important to me and, looking forward, I will be exploring a bright and almost entirely pastel colour palette. My medium of choice is acrylic and I also like to create pencil drawings from time to time, especially during quarantine as I found myself enjoying creating art that was not as labor-intensive. I look forward to expanding my body of work and honing in on my signature style, and doing so with the help of my Sweetpea family.