Emma Mikelberg

Emma was born in Toronto, graduated from McGill University and currently resides in Vancouver, BC. Her art explores a wide variety of mediums such as acrylic, collage, spray paint and digital illustration. She enjoys blurring the lines between these mediums and their traditional uses, and is always looking for new ways to create. Much of her collage work is a result of thrifting for weird and wonderful materials left behind by others that she gives new life. She finds this process, as with all of her work, just as important as the final product. ⁠

She is inspired by her surroundings in whatever form they happen to take, yet always with a twist. Emma primarily uses bright colours and mixed media techniques to put her own unique lens on the world around her. Her art is always evolving and reacting to her movement through life and is never constrained by a set of aesthetic rules—thus resulting in a fun, unpredictable and eclectic mix of work.⁠