Dalia Turk

I am a Palestinian artist, born in Emirates and immigrated to Canada in 2007 based in London, Ontario. I’ve completed my Bachelors of Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art University (OCADU), majoring in Drawing and Painting, and minoring in Material Arts and Design in 2021. My work has been viewed at OCADU’s “Kunstmatrix” 3D exhibition (2021), OCADU’s mystery art auction “Made to Love: Our Love Language” (2021), OCADU’s online show “Sustainable Interventions”(2020), and Propeller Gallery’s “Off The Screen 2020” My work addresses personal experiences of living in diaspora, highlighting themes of displacement, colonialism, and identity. Focusing on aspects of unsettlement, loss of language and heritage.

My work depicts animated embroideries reflecting my diasporic belonging, digitally combining Palestinian tatreez with personal images which occupy the fabrics stretched on embroidery hoops. Transnational experiences depict the loss and celebration of my Palestinian heritage while the colonial practice of embroidery questions women's prescribed roles and emphasizes the erasure of language, cultural traditions and identity. I depict a sense of alienation and unsettlement through the constant change of imagery that is expressed through animation while conveying the two-sided desire to belong in a place of unbelonging through the use of mirroring. I disseminated criticalities through embroidered Arabic text and the hijab which provides a surface for these narratives.