Chantel Clausen

Chantel Clausen (She/Her) is a fat artist, a contemporary painter and sculptor, and her current artistic practice focuses heavily on the body: the space it inhabits; the internalized judgements we are all conditioned to believe; the beauty of the body as an aesthetic object, divorced from emotional entanglement. This exploration stems from her own lifelong struggle with body and weight, disability, and mental illness, as well as her reaction to the contemporary “Body Positive” movement and the backlash to that in culture. She resides in Victoria, BC, and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in Visual Arts at the University of Victoria. 

Select Group Exhibitions

2020 – Audain Gallery, “Suggested Service Size” BFA Grad Show, Victoria, BC, Canada (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

2020 – Audain Gallery, “Scatter Painting Salon”, Victoria, BC, Canada

2020 – Fat Tuesday Featured Artist, February 10, 2020. @fattuesdayart (funded by grant from the Canada Council for the Arts)

2019 – Audain Gallery, “Appetizers”, Victoria, BC, Canada

2019 – Ministry of Casual Living, “Small Works Exhibition”, Victoria, BC, Canada

2019 – Audain Gallery, “Recommended Daily Dosage”, Victoria, BC, Canada

2019 – 621 Gallery, “>7”, Tallahassee, FL, USA


2020 – British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship