Cassidy Luteijn

Cassidy Luteijn is a recent graduate of the University of Victoria this past spring with a BFA in Visual Arts whose work strikes a balance between painting and sculpture. Luteijn is interested in pushing the conventional confines of painting and explores this through work that takes on its own presence in the gallery in a sculptural way. Her work invites the viewer to consider various aspects such as the purity of shape and form due to its reductive nature. Inspired by artists Angela De La Cruz, Peter Doig and Tammi Campbell, Luteijn's work emphasizes a consideration of colour and often embodies formalist undertones. Her studies in both art history and psychology factor into the conceptual themes of her work where she explores human experience and nostalgia. She is currently questioning ideas related to theory of mind and how the viewers interact with the work in relation to the gallery experience. Luteijn orchestrates her work with an eye for design and brings it to fruition with the heart of a painter.