Cassia Powell

Cassia Powell is a contemporary artist based in the unceded lands of Lekwungen-speaking peoples; those of the Songhees, Wyomilth and W̱SÁNEĆ nations, otherwise known as Victoria, BC. She focuses on the art of extended painting, breaking the conventions for how fine art is experienced and perceived, through intense, emotional subject matter and alternative modes of material, painted surfaces, and various digital platforms like Blender, Photoshop, and the Sims 2.

Utilizing spirituality and digitized contemporary folklore, stemming directly from her own personal experiences, Powell acts to create an ominous presence and conversation between her work and the viewer. She creates cartoonish, fairy-tale-like characters to represent surreal inner-demons that follow her, and the collective idea of “us” in a new-wave society, through everyday life. By using snippets of various internet findings and Y2K-related popular culture and pattern, everything she makes is meant to be an active reminder of our relationship with time, and the looseness of identity in a modern era.