Mariana Rivera is the founder of The Art Shop (TAS) - a digital art gallery (like us!) based in Vancouver that represents emerging artists. TAS has hosted four popups and represents a roster of over 20 artists.

Sweetpea will be joining TAS for their upcoming pop up at the Museum of Vancouver from July 3rd to August 1st. We are so excited for you to get the chance to shop SP merch and check out TAS's artists!

the art shop

SP: What work of art is your favourite right now?

MR: Anything by Adam Parker Smith.

SP: What historical figure do you most identify with (must be dead!)?

This is hard! I wouldn't know any figure enough but I really admire Frida Kahlo. 

SP: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A home with my partner and pets surrounded by art and love. 

SP: What makes you stop and look at a work of art?

The feelings and thoughts I get when confronted with it - it's a very instinctive and emotional response for me.

SP: What makes you fall in love with a work of art?

It's impact, innovation, detail, and intention.

SP: What do you consider the most overrated subject matter in art?

Nothing - art can speak freely about anything and everything.

SP: What is your greatest extravagance?

Puppy jackets and toys for my dog.

SP: Who are your real life heroes?

My mom.

SP: How would you most like to die?