We are very excited to release Al Hanyok's new series of hand embroidered clothing. To make sure you know everything you need to about Al, we sent them some questions to get to know them a bit better.

SP: What do you love most about the work you've created?

AH: For most of history, embroidery was seen as decorative and excluded from the category of art. I've talked about this before and have spent a long time trying to distance myself from the craft side of textile arts. Recently, I've been thinking differently about the history of art and craft, especially who gets to define art. Just because something is decorative doesn't mean it's not art. We see this all the time in high fashion, but don't extend it to our own wardrobes. I personally put a lot of thought into how I dress, why can't that be art? I love that this series is meant to be worn, not preserved. It's meant to get coffee spilled on it and grass stains on the knees.

SP: What's the one subject matter you are intimidated to explore in your practice?

I'm slowly starting to do this, but gender dysphoria. It feels very personal and exposing but I'm ready to share and artistically feel that I can do it justice.

SP: What historical figure do you most identify with (must be dead!)?

James Berry

SP: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

On a mountain by a salmon river.

SP: What is your greatest extravagance?

Travel - I'm pretty frugal about it but I'm almost always planning a trip.

SP: What makes you stop and look at a work of art?

I wish I knew because then I could replicate it. I was very interested in realism when I was younger. I love big, complicated pieces with tiny details. It's the exact opposite of what I make which is more driven by the direction and feeling of the thread than creating a perfect realness.

SP: What makes you fall in love with a work of art?

It's all about the symbolism and message. 

SP: What do you consider the most overrated subject matter in art?

Overly complicated abstract pieces. On the other hand I love simple abstraction, especially when you can see the skill of the construction.

SP: What talent would you most like to have?

Singing! So I can wow my friends at karaoke. 

SP: How would you most like to die?

I'd prefer not to die, so in my sleep of old age. 


Check out more of Al's work HERE and make sure to check out their new hand embroidered clothing.